Just a brief blog today, but an important one. Our CEO writes about the struggles of distance caring for someone with dementia. An already difficult task, made more difficult by unscrupulous people willing to pray on the vulnerable.   Whilst visiting my parents both of whom have memory issues – mum has a dementia diagnosis- […]

I recently asked all the staff and trustees to consider writing a guest blog article for me. The following blog from our Chair of trustees, Zanne, had a profound effect on me. And clearly on her too. You see, that lighbulb moment of recognising yourself as a carer is profound. For some, it is the moment when […]

A little bird told me that one of our volunteers was a published writer, so I approached the lovely Barbara to see if she would be willing to let me use some of her poems in our blog. In four poignant poems, Barbara has encapsulated the feelings of many carers – the isolation, the uncertainty, […]

This week at work I got told off by the head honcho. During a conversation, I used the word “carer” to describe the person who will come in three times a day to assist my dad when he is discharged from hospital. I am a carer working for an organisation supporting unpaid carers, and I […]

For many, becoming a carer is like waking up on the Starship Enterprise. Everyone speaks the same language, and yet they all seem a little alien. The priorities you once had, the dreams and aspirations, the problems and worries, all shift. It’s difficult to feel sympathy for a friend who is worried about their child’s […]

Well what a couple of days I chose not to be in the office! JLS founder member Ortise` Williams has praised Lewisham’s young carers as “extraordinary heroes” after spending two days volunteering for us. During his visit, the singer met a group of very excited young carers, manned the switchboard, put together information packs, and […]

In December 2009 I gave birth to my little miracle. Like any new mother I was besotted, and wondered how I had created something so absolutely perfect. At times it was hard and we struggled with feeding. That’s normal, right? At 4 weeks he was still jaundiced. That’s normal, right? He cried constantly. That’s normal, […]