The Distance Carer

Just a brief blog today, but an important one.

Our CEO writes about the struggles of distance caring for someone with dementia. An already difficult task, made more difficult by unscrupulous people willing to pray on the vulnerable.


Whilst visiting my parents both of whom have memory issues – mum has a dementia diagnosis- I heard a loud crash and went outside to see what was going on and noticed that a strong gust of wind had knocked some ridge tiles off their roof. On examining the roof more carefully I noticed that it was in a poor state. I pointed this out to dad and I said I said I would help him find a suitable roofer to fix the problems.

I live over 100 miles away so I said I would look at Check aTrader and give him some names when I got home. On phoning dad the next day he told me the neighbours knew someone who could have a look at it and that he did not need my help. I told him he should get 3 quotes and that I would help him but he repeated that he was OK.

Not wanting to undermine him I left him to it. The next time I checked in with him it he had been robbed to the tune of £2000! The ‘roofers’ who it turned out were not known to the neighbours but a phone number on a leaflet that had been put through their door, had come round and asked dad for cash upfront to buy the materials. Dad then happily went to the bank and got the money came back. They snatched it from him an disappeared.

The police were immediately informed but Dad can’t find the number and can’t give a description  due to his poor memory so they will probably get away Scott free. They also now know my parents are vulnerable and confused so maybe they will be back?

Dad knows at the moment not to give cash as this obviously gave him a terrible shock and knocked his confidence. But at some point he will forget again. Some time ago I signed my parents up to all the sites which stop dodgy phone calls leaflets and callers all to no avail.

The time is getting closer and closer when I am going to have to give up my job, income,pension contributions and London life to be closer to them to help them manage.


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